Ticket to Ride

January 10, 2018

As part of my commitment to 2018, I wanted to share and recommend fun games for my readers to try! We love playing board games but we love it even more when we find games that other people enjoy too. Since we aren't board game professional reviewers, I won't go into too much detail about how to play the game (but I will link a video that goes into detail), but more of a review about why you would like the game or maybe why you won't like the game.

So let's get started with the first review!!

For New Years this year, my sister, my brother-in-law, and my s.o. stayed indoors (it was freezing) and ate delicious food and played four rounds of Ticket to Ride. FOUR ROUNDS! That never happens. Most people get tired of playing a game after two rounds.

So what was it about this game that kept us wanting to keep playing? Probably the simplicity of the game mixed with the strategic complication of being blocked on your route. We also really liked the fact that you don't really know how many points someone has until the end of the game. At first, the game sounded like another one of our favorite board games - Settlers of Catan, but minus the trading.


Simple rules - may not seem simple when explaining but once you get going it gets a lot easier and the rules are kind of common sense.

Strategic thinking - although the goals are straightforward which may seem like the making of a dull game, the fun really is in the personal strategy. It becomes a lively and entertaining chaos when someone else's goals (literally) run into yours.

Strategy changes - the more you play the game, the more strategies are discovered so the game is constantly changing.


Length of game can vary - this game can end within 20 minutes or take an hour to get through. It all depends on the cards.

Limited players - can only play with up to five players. I think 3 or 4 people playing is the sweet more of a challenge.

Large board - people with short arms are going to need some help reaching around the board.

Colors - there is a card that could be pink or purple. We still can't decide.

Overall, we really really like this game. I think it was game of the year in 2004 or something... so it's been around for a while. 

Next, I think we will pick up the European version!!

Let me know if you end up giving this one a try! I found Ticket to Ride here at Target and here on Amazon. 

Here is a detailed video about how to play the game:

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