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January 08, 2018

You may have noticed my blog was at a bit of a stand still during the holidays. I mentioned how burnt out I felt briefly on Instagram but I wanted to elaborate a bit more about those feelings in this post. 

The holidays are always an exciting and special time of the year, but for some reason, I was feeling more like a baby Grinch (what does that even mean?!??). Not full on Grinch, but I HAD to take down our Christmas decor early morning on the 26th. My uncharacteristically somber mood might have had something to do with the weather turning so cold that I want to scream! Basically, I am not a winter person and I found that my inspiration dwindled as the cold air came to town. I don't typically like to layer up in big bundles of clothes, or feel like my nose is going to freeze off when walking the 30 steps to the mailbox, or having to always order hot chocolate when we go to dinner because I can't get warm enough otherwise. It's just not me. Winter is not my thing. As the sun faded away, so did my enthusiasm to create and inspire. 

With this being my first year of blogging, I am now realizing what a challenge the winter season has been BUT I am already coming up with ways to avoid the "dark days" for next year. So thanks for hanging in there with me!! One of the first things I did New Years Day was plan out my blog posts for 2018 - and I have to say, I am pretty excited for more frequent and consistent content that isn't just about the clothing I wear. 

2018 is the year to make goals and reach them. I really want to re-focus on my blog and posting content that tells more about me. I'll be posting fashion inspiration every Monday and Friday, a lifestyle or holiday post every Wednesday, and a few bonus posts on random Sunday's. 

With that said... here is the first fashion post of 2018!!

Another thing that annoys me about winter is the short daylight hours. I awoke this morning with some inspiration (finally!) and hurried to get my gear together to go shoot, but by the time I played with Charlotte, cooked breakfast, showered, watched an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians while putting on makeup, and loaded up my car... it was already 4 pm and the sun sets at 5:15 pm! Thankfully, it turned out okay and my pictures came out kind of mysterious due to the heavy fog. I like the lights on in the background and the muted grey tone of the pictures contrasting the spring colors of my outfit. Could not have planned a more metaphorically correct picture if I tried.

Outfit Details:

duster (last seen here)topscarf (similar)jeans

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