A Year in Review - 2017

December 31, 2017

I spent the last few weeks reflecting on 2017 - there were some super highs and some lame lows, but they all create my story so I am appreciative for each experience and memory. With so much going on in my personal life, I thought it would be fun to start a tradition of reviewing my year through blogging. In a way, blogging has become an updated version of journal-ing (haha)!

So let's start!!!

Favorite Movies:

1. Wonder Woman - no other movie this year moved me quite like this movie did. It is the essential movie for a feel-good, lady inspired, kiss-ass story and I was so happy to see the majority of the world love this movie too!! It is one thing to remember a movie, but to be left with the memory of how you felt after seeing the movie.....well, that HAS to take my #1 spot.

2. Thor: Ragnarok - okay, this one may not be fair because I have a slight obsession with Chris Hemsworth, BUT lucky for me, this movie was actually really funny and well deserving of my #2 spot. It is a fun story to watch the whole way through and as all Marvel movies, it is a pleasure visually too.

3. Atomic Blonde - guess I'm into great crime fighting chick movies this year #notsorry. I absolutely loved this movie for a dozen of reasons but the thing that stood out most (aside from her amazing wardrobe and the killer soundtrack) was that it was realistic. She is a tiny girl, and although strong and trained in hand-to-hand combat, there is no way she could take on men that are two and three times her size. It was a real treat to watch a movie with some realistic vision.

4. Beauty and the Beast - yes, I've already watched this movie about 40 times since its release in March. No explanation is needed really - it's a well done Disney movie with one of my two favorite Disney princesses. I'd probably love this movie even if everyone else hated it, let's be real.

5. King Arthur - this was SUCH a cool medieval movie. Also, who is that dude that plays Arthur!??! Chris Hemsworth may have some competition.... Anyways, back on track - the movie felt modern and cool and sexy and it pleased all genders so win, win, win.

6. John Wick 2 - another movie that men and women alike can enjoy. Although not better than the first John Wick, it still impressed with the beautifully laid out scenes and dynamic coloration throughout. I am anxiously waiting for the next installment.

7. The Lego Batman Movie - I was shocked at how funny this movie was. I had high hopes from the first Lego movie, but the Batman version did not disappoint. Do yourself a favor and watch this one when you're in the mood to laugh. 

8. Logan - Another surprise entry. I honestly do not like any of the X-Men movies much... so I really didn't care to go see this one. BUT, after seeing the reviews online, we went ahead and saw it in theaters. SO GLAD WE DID. It is definitely not like any other X-Men movie, but it still captured their world. This movie would be cool even if they used brand new characters outside of X-Men.

9. Dunkirk - What a brilliant movie. It is sad, yes, but so worth the tears! Not going to lie, I'd tear up during the trailer so I knew to bring tissues for the actual movie. It was a wonderfully told story from several viewpoints that showed us how related our actions and choices really are.

Favorite Albums:

1. Lana Del Rey: Lust for Life - I am never not in the mood for this album. This is her best work since the first time we met Lana. I can listen easily to every song and then put them on repeat. We are so lucky to have such a brilliant artist in our time.

2. Angus and Julia Stone: Snow - Although I'd love this duo to hit the big time, I'm a little glad they haven't yet. I am obsessed with everything they do, but this album was another level. Pretty sure I've listen to this album in its entirety at least 4 times a week since its release.

3. Maroon 5: Red Pill Blues - A surprise on my list. Don't get me wrong, I usually like the released songs that play on the radio by Maroon 5 but I've never enjoyed an entire album of theirs, until now. This is one of those compilations you can listen to the entire set and not get bored. with Every song sounds fresh and cool. 

4. Lorde: Melodrama - Speaking of cool... this girl oozes coolness from all her extra weirdness. I feel cooler just listening to the songs on this album. And in sticking with my kick-ass girl movies listed above, Lorde would definitely play to their soundtrack with her plentiful power tunes.

5. Taylor Swift: Reputation - I'm into her pop venture. Although not every song is a hit for me (looking at you... Dress...), I really enjoy putting this album on and singing to the stories she tells with her clever lyrics and imagining who she wrote the song about. 

Breakout Artists:

1. Khalid - His voice is soooooo good. He already won awards and much recognition in 2017 but I'm sure he is like wine and will only get better with time. Yum.

2. Big Thief - I recently discovered this band so I can't say much, but I have heard their album from last year is also amazing so I will be listening to them much more in the coming year.

3. Post Malone - Okay, I like some of his songs but my S.O. really likes Post Malone so I'm going to watch this guy in the coming years. Has potential.

Things I Discovered I Like:

1. Guacamole - yes, I'm not kidding. I hadn't had guac until this year but now I am hooked!! The best guac is at Cafe Rio (uh duh), but the second best guac I had this year was from the Aria hotel in Las Vegas. So random huh?!!

2. Tacos - Speaking of Cafe Rio, we tend to order the same thing every time we visit but we were feeling frisky for adventure so we changed it up and went with the tacos! If you can't tell, they are our new favorite. If you get them at Costa Vida, try a beef one with the fesca. OMG so good. Cafe Rio has the best pork so I usually get pork with fresca.

Favorite Buys of the Year:

1. Charlotte - this one may seem odd to include under my "buy" section, but we did pay a pretty penny for her so she is OBVIOUSLY my favorite thing from this year. See the shoot we did together here.

2. Jaclyn Hill Morphe Palette - yeah, I really like this eye shadow palette. The colors are just really pretty and they blend so well. I can make a million different looks with this one palette.

3. Stand-Up Desk from Ikea - I will never have to sit at a desk during work again!! This thing should probably be #1 on my list for the sake of my health. It was worth every cent!

4. Laptop - We always wait until Black Friday to purchase large items and I am sooo glad we were able to snag a new laptop this year. I've had my old one since 2011 so it was a necessary upgrade. Get ready for many more blog posts thanks to our new addition!! 

5. Gel Nail Polish - life changer. I bite my nails and I get so embarrassed about it but I noticed I don't bite my nails when I get my nails done. The problem is, regular nail polish chips off so easily and it isn't practical to go back to the salon every 5 days!! With gel nail polish, it lasts for weeks without chipping and I bought all the goods to manicure myself at home!! I am so happy.

Highlight of the Year:

Britney Spears in concert in Las Vegas - we got front row seats!! Watch a video of the show I filmed here.

Honorable Mention: Getting the call that I was being hired on a "more permanent basis". Best birthday gift ever. (Yes, I realize this one won't make much sense to anyone outside of my family, so you'll have to trust that it was a very happy moment for me).

Favorite Thing on the Internet:

I cannot leave 2017 without including my favorite viral video. You've probably already seen it, but if you need a reminder of how hilarious life can be, just press play below:

Hope you all have a safe and wonderful New Year!! Let's bring in 2018 with some cheer!

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  1. lol girl thank gawd you discovered guac!