Best Halloween Movies (That Won't Make You Sh*t Your Pants)

October 02, 2017

I love Halloween. No idea why though, because I am SUCH a scaredy cat!! One of my traditions for October is to watch my collection of Halloween movies and accept the fact that Halloween is a little spooky. This is also the one time a year I let my S.O. pick a "scary" movie to watch and I actually watch it with him. Usually the scary movie is followed up with snuggles in bed and a Disney movie on in the background singing me to sleep... no joke...

I've compiled my favorite Halloween movies - most of which are tame in comparison to a lot of Halloween movies. These are great for background noise when having people over, or for getting in the holiday spirit while during chores around the house, or for watching by yourself - because you don't want to be watching Paranormal Activity or Saw when you're alone (DUH!).

Did I miss any of your favorites? I'd love to hear yours!







For the Daring:


Disclaimer: This movie is actually pretty scary. I watched it once and probably won't watch it again, but I added it to the list because it is actually a really good Halloween movie - 

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  1. Fun article, babe! Perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit!