PilyQ Mandala Sloan Dress

September 29, 2017

Well if this dress doesn't brighten your day up - I'm not sure what will! I absolutely love buying items for one purpose and then getting another use out of them. I'm pretty sure this dress is supposed to be used as a swimsuit cover up but I am totally rocking it as a dress. It is a bright, fun, bold print and I think it catches the eye in all the right ways. You'll have to take my word for it - the colors are vibrant and gorgeous in person. The pictures online really don't do it justice. And since this is (most likely) for a swimsuit day, the material is super breathable and will keep you looking fabulous, even when all hot and sweaty from the summer sun.

Do you use other clothing items for different purposes too? I'd love to hear your tips on stretching your wardrobe.

Outfit Details:
     dress ┃hat (last seen here) ┃shoes (last seen here) ┃bralette

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  1. Love all of the colors! You could wear so many fun shoes with this baby!