Pre-Travel Tips

August 30, 2017

Regardless of how much time you put into packing the perfect outfits for a trip, or selecting the best places to eat, or making the most time-efficient itinerary, there are a few things I do to make sure I have the BEST TIME on my trip that can often be looked over.

1. Vitamin C:
About three days before my trip, I start drinking a glass a day of vitamin C. We all know that travelling in the airport and sitting in a plane with a ton of people and recycled air is a sure fire way to get a few germs your body isn't regularly used to. But, if you start stocking your body up with vitamin C, it will be better equipped to handle those foreign germs!! We have been on so many trips (especially overseas) where one of us gets sick and has to sit out on some of the adventures. I will never not boost up on vitamin C before a trip now (I've learned my lesson), even if it is just state side. If I'm going on a trip, I don't want to be sick for it!
2. Fiber Supplements:
Speaking of getting sick, there is nothing worse than going out of town and eating your heart out with all of the delicious food you don't usually get to eat...and then getting sick from it all... About a week before my trip, I start taking FiberOne pills to help the transition of my normal food diet to my "I'm on vacation" diet and anything goes. Honestly, most women don't get enough fiber in their daily diet anyways, so it would be wise to just stick with the supplements and have one less thing to worry about on your trip!

3. Pack the night before:
This one is easy for me. I probably pack most of my items a few days in advance because I like to plan. But others find this one more difficult. There is NOTHING in the world more stressful in the world than rushing to the airport, hoping not to miss your flight, or worried you'll get pulled over from speeding to the airport. So, to avoid any kind of additional stress on the travel day, I like to have all my bags packed and ready to go the night before. This tip is especially needed when traveling in the times of year when weather can be finicky - you may think you gave yourself enough time, but then, BAM!.. a snow storm came in the night before and you have to leave 2 hours even earlier to get through the traffic it caused. That stresses me out just thinking about it!!  

4. Copies:
If you are travelling overseas, make copies of you passport and leave the copy with someone you can easily get in touch with if you lose your passport. Getting a replacement is a huge pain and can take a very long time, but the time and pain is drastically reduced if you have a copy of the passport handy. 

5. Prescriptions:
Know what your prescription names are. Take a copy if needed (or a picture on your phone, etc.). It can be difficult to explain what kind of medicine is needed with a language barrier so it is good to know the medical name for the drug. 

6. Makeup:
My worst nightmare came true on a trip to France a few years back. I ran out of my Kat Von D eyeliner!!! I didn't think running out of my favorite (and must have) makeup would be a big deal - especially because there are Sephoras all over Europe.... I was so naive.*sigh*. But when we visited the French Sephora to pick up a replacement, we came to learn that not all brands that we find in the U.S. are in every other country...*sigh*. So, my final tip may be the most important to some - make sure you aren't going to run out of your makeup while on your trip! 

I like to remove the cause for stress as much as possible, so these are my tips for a more carefree and fun trip. What are some of your pre-travel tips? I'd love to hear if I missed any!!

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