Mascara Comparison

July 17, 2017

Hi guys! This week is a mascara comparison video. I rounded up seven of the most talked about mascaras and added in some oldies-but-goodies, and even a brand new mascara (I haven't seen anyone review yet). I tried each mascara on my eyes, two at a time, side by side so you can really get a close look. Honestly, on camera, they all look pretty similar.... which is good news for the consumer! That means we don't necessarily have to buy a luxe brand to get good results. Each round I declared a winner, and it really came down to how it felt on my eye and personal preference. Wanna know which one I deemed the best? Watch the video to find out!!

Products Mentioned:

This video was not sponsored. All products were purchased with my own money and the opinions expressed in this video are solely my own.

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