June Favorites

July 03, 2017

Hi guys! Short favorites video this month. I have had a lot going on in my personal life (nothing bad, just very busy) so my routine hasn't changed too much. There were, however, four items that made my life better this month so I thought to share them with you! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Burt's Bees Vanilla Bean Lip Balm - It's just a chap stick! SO WHY AM I SO CRAZY ABOUT IT!??! It was by chance that I stumbled on this product and I am never looking back now. When compared to the well-known brand name chapstick, Burt's Bees formula blows the competitor out of the water. It gives a smooth, luxurious feel every time it hits your lips, with no waxy spread. I am hooked. I should probably try more of their products - if they are half as good as the chapstick, I'd be in for a real treat!

Third Eye Chakra TeaMy sister introduced me to this tea and I've already tried the Third Eye (insight, knowledge and wisdom) and Fifth Eye (communication, creativity and self-expression) - which are both fantastic. This caffeine free tea has me in all the feel-goods. Life can get stressful and overwhelming sometimes and it is nice to have something to help you get back to feeling balanced and relaxed. Who knew some water and leaves could help the body and soul find such peace? Simplicity at its finest.

DUZY Finger Holder - I knew something like this HAD to be a thing now-a-days. This is the greatest invention for people who are constantly on their phones (like me) but want to avoid hand and finger aches from using the phone too much. I was really impressed with how strong the silicone grabbed onto my phone. They are super affordable too which means they'd be a great gift for Christmas stockings! It's July...am I thinking too far in advance...? :)

BEKANT Sit/Stand Desk from Ikea - I work from home, which means I sit at my computer all day long. Plus, I'm 5'11.... so.... normal furniture doesn't really fit me. This desk has been on my wishlist since last year when I stumbled across a display in Ikea and I knew it was made for me. I can now sit and stand at the height that is perfect for my body - which has already alleviated stress on my back and made my blood circulation better. Plus, I get in some good standing lunges for my butt when I'm upright, so win win!

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