A Tall Girl's Guide to Bottoms That Fit

July 12, 2017

I've been tall my whole life.  I didn't just spring up tall one day, so I've always remembered struggling to find bottoms that fit me in length. Now that I am older and with the booming online shopping market, it has become a lot easier to find great options. I have a lifetime of experience I'd like share to help other tall girls find a less restrictive wardrobe. Below are my favorite stores to shop for tall items (keep in mind, I am 5'11). I know there are other stores out there that sell tall options, but these are my favorites, most recommended and most trusted stores. 


Quality - Excellent
Options - Great Variety; new options available each season
Durability - Excellent
Length - Good
Cost - $$$
Availability - Online Only
Return Policy - Easy; can return in store or ship back to warehouse

I absolutely love Express jeans and dress pants in the long lengths. I have quite the collection of both types and they never fail me. They are excellent quality and do not show wear after washing. I especially love stocking up on Express bottoms during their 50% off sales (usually during the Christmas season) because the sale makes them just as affordable as every other option. 

Things I've learned: 

For work/dress pants, I prefer the Editor dress pants to the Columnist. The Editor is more slimming on me. If you have not tried on either style, I would strongly suggest going to a store before buying the tall size online to see which fits your body better. I wear a size 10 Long and I never have a problem with the length being too short. In fact, I have two pairs that I can only wear heels with because they are so long.

My favorite work pants from Express:

For jeans, I am in between sizes (8 long and 10 long). I often have to order the same pant in both sizes to make sure I get the size that fits properly due to different materials being used and how the fabric stretches, etc. Express probably hates that I do that... but when the tall sizes are only offered online, there isn't much else you can do. 

Here are my favorite Express jeans right now:

For leggings, they don't offer longer length in leggings but I have a handful of leggings that offer plenty of length at the bottom.

Don't look for the ones that say "ankle" length and usually only the cotton ones are ever long enough. I am also a large in the leggings so that helps with the length a bit. For leggings that are ankle length, non-cotton material or look shorter on the model, I pull up the leggings slightly to make them seem as though they were supposed to be above the ankle length and it works perfectly. 



I also really love their fabric shorts and jean shorts. They aren't too short for tall girls!


Old Navy

Quality - Good
Options - Good Variety; they take certain styles off the website*
Durability - Good
Length - Very Good
Cost - $
Availability - Online Only
Return Policy - Easy; can return in store or ship back to warehouse

I have a lot of Old Navy pants...

If I'm looking for colorful options, Old Navy is definitely my first choice. They are also great if I am not in a position to buy Express pants but need a new pair for work. 

My only complaint is that they take off certain styles from the website at the most inconvenient times! I cannot figure out a method to the madness, but I have been in search for Old Navy tall pants and cannot find the same pair I purchased a month before, and I'm not sure why. 

As far as the quality, they aren't as durable as Express and they do start to show wear after a handful of washes, but as I mentioned, you cannot beat the price or the original patterns to choose from. I do have to order pants in the tall sizes from Old Navy - if they don't have my size of a Tall 10, I skip on it because I know it won't be long enough, regardless of the style. 

Lastly, I cannot wear the Pixie ankle pants, even in a tall size. They just don't fit my body right. 

Things I've learned: 

For work/dress pantsI love the Harper Trousers, especially for Spring, Summer and Fall. I pair them with a pointed toe shoe (flat or heels).

My favorite Harper Trousers from Old Navy:

For jeans, I tend to stick to the skinny Rockstar style. I have a mix of high-rise, mid-rise and low-rise, and different fabrics. The biggest advice I can give when purchasing Tall sizes online is to pay attention to the fabric of the jeans. In regular cotton fabric, I wear a Tall 10. If the fabric is more sateen, I have to go a size up to a Tall 12. You can tell by the way the jeans fit on the model - look at the pictures below to compare the stiffness-

Here are my favorite Old Navy Rockstar jeans:

Quality - Great
Options - Great Variety; so many choices!
Durability - Great
Length - Very Good
Cost - $ - $$
Availability - Online Only
Return Policy - Intermediate; can take up to a few weeks because they are overseas.

I shop at ASOS when I need dresses. unique bottoms, trending bottoms, or something other than jeans. I have not tried ASOS jeans yet, but I am sure they are just as amazing as their other bottoms. The are in the medium price point because you have to pay for shipping (unless you score a sweet deal!) but the shipping is pretty quick - usually less than a week wait time (which is faster than Express). Because they are a European brand, I find a lot of really cool pieces that I'm sure no other tall girl in my area will have. Sigh. I love ASOS.

I wear these constantly:


I also love ASOS for their tall dresses. I made a video with a ton of ASOS dresses you can check out here or below. All the dresses in the video are not in the tall sizes either!! My tip is to look for midi length or cut to the chase and go to their tall section.

I am dying to try these:


American Eagle

Quality - Great
Options - Great Variety
Durability - Great
Length - Good
Cost - $$
Availability - In Store and Online
Return Policy - Easy

I shop at American Eagle for jean skirts and shorts. My favorite time to stock up is during the Christmas season when they are always 50% off. During the summer, they usually have jean shorts on sale for BOGO 50% off. American Eagle doesn't have separate tall sizes but they do offer midi lengths which always fit me well.

My favorite American Eagle midi shorts:



What are your favorite tall brands?

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