Two Colors That Look Good On Anyone

June 06, 2017

Have you ever had someone say "that color looks great on you!"? Or advise you not to wear a certain color? Some people can pull off colors like white, black, nude, yellow or red better than others, and some people are better in cool tones rather than warm tones. There's a lot to know about color styling! BUT, there are two colors that will never look bad... on anyone! 

The first color that will never fail is periwinkle. It's a pastel blue-ish tone (in the cool family) but looks great on anyone because it isn't a true blue and it isn't bright. It brings out the softer face shades, regardless of the color, which is good because you never want to enhance the red in your face.

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The second option is often looked over, but just as effective. Blush. It really does look great on any skin tone, with any hair color, on any one! And it just so happens to be on trend this year so really there isn't an excuse not to stock up!

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What colors do you love or hate to wear?

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