Face Your Fears Challenge

June 05, 2017

Today's video is a little different. I've never (never never) submitted for a giveaway before... which is pretty amazing considering they happen so often now-a-days. But, today I am breaking that streak to enter the Carli Bybel Face Your Fears Giveaway. The prizes are way too good to not try for! 

A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped me with this video:
1. Jeremy helped me film
2. Maisie (my niece) helped me understand the difference between a girl chicken and a rooster (she tells me in the video; it is seriously so cute).
3. My sister and brother-in-law for providing the chickens

It was such a fun video to shoot and I really hope you enjoy it!

I also wanted to mention my sister's website for more information about CRPS. Check it out at www.iwouldrun.com

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