May 07, 2017

Hello!!! Welcome to the Runway Rampage Blog! I'm just getting started on this blogging world, but I could not be any more excited (and nervous) to finally start my venture.

I was told it was a good idea to introduce myself to start... so let's do it!

My name is Shaina. I've been a blogging lurker for years now and always wanted to join in the community but for one reason or another, always found excuses to not start.  I woke up one day in 2017 and said to myself, WHY NOT NOW!?!? Without any more excuses, I decided to just do it! Things may not always be perfect and I'm okay with showing that. 

Fashion, music and art have always been a huge part of my life and I feel like those pieces of me were abandoned for some years....but not any more...

So what's my style? I like to incorporate music with my fashion (the struggle with copyright laws has been real) and with my background in modeling, my concepts may feel less commercialized to some. But that's okay. I'm not really a "commercial" kind of girl. I like weird things. Corky things. High fashion things. Sometimes I like commercial too. I guess it depends on the day (which I find humorous because my profile picture looks like what a book author would use...ha!)

To sum, I guess I'm part rocker, part sophistication, part girly, part tom-boy, part black, part pink, and part goofy. A "unique" combination, I realize.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy my blog and my interpretation of life as I create and inspire.

And if you're wondering how I came up with "Runway Rampage" as my blog name - it was pretty easy. My background is in walking the runway, in fact, I have won awards for my walk (many years ago) and have taught a lot of people tricks of the modeling trade since. As for the Rampage part - I like to think there is a little rampage inside us all, which is good because it keeps us sane. 

Thanks for reading!! I can't wait to hear from you!

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