Remington Ceramic Pearl Professional Curling Wand and Beach Waves Hair Tutorial

May 29, 2017

New video is up on my YouTube. This video is a review on the Remington Ceramic Pearl Professional Curling Wand AND a tutorial on how to get those easy looking beach waves. 

When I started looking into trying a wand, it was because the conventional curling irons didn't make my curls last for more than a few hours and using a straightening iron didn't give me the loose beach waves affect I was looking for. This wand gives you 1/2 inch curls up to 1 inch and the curls last for me more than 2 days, even with brushing the second day. 

I have been using this Remington wand for about 6 months and I feel like I have a good system down. I love how my hair turns out each time I use this wand and I am excited to share some tricks of the trade with you! A lot of the tips I mention in this video are also good-to-knows for curling hair in general. 

This wand is so affordable that I highly suggest buying this one to start out and get used to how to use it before splurging on a more advanced wand. 

Products Mentioned:

Want to know how I round brush my hair? Check out this tutorial.

No, this video is not sponsored - all opinions are my own and I purchased all products with my own money. 

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